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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Fool's Paradise or....

Who invented the phrase of 'a fool's paradise' and what does it mean? If the alternative is a wise man's hell, I know which I'd rather choose.
Supposing the fool's paradise means wandering, apparently aimlessly, in woods, observing little creatures and snowflakes and stars, and the wise man's hell is earning money in routines we don't choose. Then, who is really wise and who is foolish?
Everything, for the past century or more, has come to depend upon money - and what is that? Some pieces of paper, some tin or alloy. But big banks and wise men have told us that we need to be wage slaves to get it or we can't survive and the most amazing thing is that we have believed it. And so it works....
Without those bits of paper or metal we can't do what we want to do. People queue up for lottery tickets, people work themselves to the bone and are shocked to the core when their supply of that stuff stops coming. Talk about addiction to the bits of paper and the bits of tin or alloy!
Why? How did we get to live like this? And isn't the current 'crisis' merely a throw-back to how things were when people were measured by their worth, rather than by how many bits of paper/plastic they had?
I want loads of the stuff - I really do. I want it to put my dreams into action because that seems the way of this world - you seem to need these bits of paper and plastic and tin in order to do what you want. In itself, though, it's utter nonsense. In the meantime, in a fool's paradise, there are insects and birds and trees and real life that is so much more absorbing and interesting than that nonsense about banks and money and bits of plastic, tin and paper. Above all, though, there is the sense that while governments go overboard with their health scams and methods of dealing with addictions, they quite forget that the sole cause of these addictions, is their own addiction to power and to paying homage to bits of paper. How bizarre!

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