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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Inherit the Earth

There is a beautiful short poem by Robert Frost that encapsulates how we feel sometimes:

The rain to the wind said,
"You push and I'll pelt."
They so smote the garden bed
That flowers actually knelt
And lay lodged - though not dead.
I know how the flowers felt.

England right now seems to be the 'land of endless winter.' I think it has snowed everyday in February - and we so long for the daffodils and snowdrops that are normally out by now. Day after day, the news reports are filled with the usual horrors of child murders and neglect, the horrific accounts from the Australian fires and the interminable arguments about who is responsible for the so-called credit crunch. People seem a bit down in the dumps to say the least.

It all brings to mind one question, though. Suddenly everyone is angry with the bankers, the government...and, in my view, quite rightly so, but isn't there something else to see? In whom or what do we put our faith? Let's face it, all the institutions to which people hand over their power are proving to be very corrupt or unreliable. Churches hiding paedophiles; government ministers feathering their own nests while telling everyone else to tighten their belts; banks, to whom we go a-grovelling for a loan, turning out to have made far greater financial mistakes than we have. And the part that makes me smile is the hammered-home message about global warming (another excuse for another tax?).

Meanwhile, there goes Mother Nature in all Her glory. She goes by Her cycles - sometimes there are ice ages; sometimes there are ages of global warmth, and the idea that somehow 'puny' man, who arrived on earth long ages after the earth came into being, can damage her is the utmost in arrogance. Funny how She can bring the country (well, London!) to a stand-still in one blizzard, and even then people refuse to see that She is the powerful one. The floods, melting polar ice caps, the whole of it, for which those who view the world as their domain like to think we are all responsible really, in my view, need to get over their arrogance and start loving Nature and acknowledging that they don't rule the world at all. How much more blatant can it get before they see? Before we all see that the real truth and power lies within ourselves.

When Hitler planned to command the world, the people who followed him were not all 'evil' or anti-Semitic (to begin with). They were simply led like sheep and allowed themselves to be brainwashed. We have all spent too long believing that someone else knows better than we do; that there are those to whom we must grovel, or those in authority whom we must obey. Of course, this isn't a call to anarchy. We need order too, for so many varied minds and beings so live in harmony. But, really, let's get over the notion that we cannot trust ourselves. Let's grow up and put our faith in something better than those who seek power. Let's not see ourselves in a constant battle against Nature. Let's not see Nature as something to be conquered. Let's love Nature in all Her expressions - the animals (not gorging ourselves, to our own detriment, on battery-farmed innocent creatures), the trees (not cutting them down because a child might climb one and be injured??), the oceans, even the cold, snowy, wet seasons. We don't have to go overboard believing what some arrogant ministers would have us believe. We, surely, need to listen to our own voice and be our own expressions of what it is to be a Child of God/Nature/Life....Who we really are.

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." Indeed!

(Oh...since, from midnight last night all emails, telephone calls and probably internet posts now posted from England, and maybe our sneezes, hiccups and anything else we do, are being stored by our government - at an enormous cost in a time of economic crisis! and in a similar way to Soviet Russian bugging - I hope that which ever government department stores this one, you read it and enjoy it! Really, have you nothing better to do? Why not go out and look at the trees instead? You will learn a lot more there than here!).


Denise said...

You make some very intersting points Christina, food for thought!

Christina said...

Thank you, Denise, for taking the time to post your comment :-). I'm just another English girl who 'rambles' about what seems to crop up in the day and is important to me :-). Thank you for responding :-)