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Friday, 27 March 2009

Lark Rise to Candleford

How beautiful is the BBC version of "Lark Rise To Candleford", and how Sunday evenings are not the same since the last series finished a couple of weeks ago! The programme appeals on so many levels. There is humour - some of which makes you laugh out loud - and there is beautiful scenery, always a problem that seems insoluble but that is always solved one way or another, and a whole host of truly intriguing characters. But there's something else, too. There's a popular idea that somehow 'good' is dull and 'evil' is fascinating - hence the plethora of increasingly gory murders and violent films and programmes. In 'Lark Rise..." however, there are no real 'baddies' and yet it is endlessly interesting. There are all human foibles of the kind we meet everyday - jealousy, snobbery, gossip, nosiness, drunkenness and excessive piety - but they are treated so gently as the characters are so endearing. The long-standing rivalry between Lark Rise and a neighbouring village was sorted out not by violence but by the villagers of Lark Rise approaching their neighbours with gifts. Yet, the humour prevents this from being a sickly-sweet piece of piety. Deep psychological and timeless issues are brought into play, and the simple wisdom of the 'old wives' with their cures and their understanding are presented so beautifully.
It's small wonder that this series is so popular nowadays when it appeals to something deep within us that harks back to a time of communities of people caring for one another; respect for the land and the old customs; the gentleness that lies in all of our hearts. Congratulations times a million to the makers of so beautiful a programme! Roll on the next series!

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