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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Upside Down

One still, calm day, looking into the lake and seeing the reflection of the trees was so mesmeric that it was difficult to know which were the real trees and which were merely reflections. Then came the thought of, "What if what is seen as the real trees are only the reflections of something far more tangible and beautiful?" The trees in the lake were upside down, but, in a way, that is how the world is, since our eyes perceive everything upside down and only our brains turn the images around.
In Christian churches there's a jolly hymn that says God is "turning the world upside down."
To have your world turned upside down is not a pleasant experience really because it's so much easier to know where everything is and who is good, bad and ugly. Nothing, though, is ever quite as it seems, is it?
In Tarot, there is the 'Hanged Man' who is suspended from the consciousness of the 'masses' (as in all we take for granted) and sees the world from upside down.
The whole notion of reversal is fascinating....For example, imagine if everything we ever prayed for with all our might, was not our praying to some external Deity, but the internal Deity praying to us to see the Light, move out of the way and let it happen. Or what if, rather than being at the mercy of fate and disease and all kinds of afflictions, all those things were at our mercy? We - humanity - brought them into being. We, humanity, can eradicate them not only by hours of research in a lab, but by simply switching thoughts and suspending the beliefs we cling to.
For anyone who believes there is more to life than simply living, working, eating, sleeping and dying, there is surely a Deity who is totally malevolent and creates illness, tragedy and cruelty, and we spend our lives on our knees trying to appease Him, or there is a rather weak Deity, who wishes we were all better than we are, or there is Life expressed in us - a Deity with enough faith in us as to entrust us with thinking and creating individually, free of the notions that somehow to suffer is 'good' or life is nothing but battling against fate.
It's so much easier to be asleep and to think that we must take whatever life throws at us, but when we get our minds out of the way, and listen to our hearts and souls, it really does turn the world upside down, don't you think?
Supposing all the things we pray for, are really the God within us being polite enough to pray to us and ask us to allow them to happen?
Oh! What heresy! And what freedom and Truth for everyone (and it was the Church authorities who called lepers outcasts and who condemned and crucified Jesus :-) ).

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