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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Power of Images and Words

There are several studies which show different heart and brain rhythms when looking at different types of pictures, and it might sound like navel-gazing but it's interesting, isn't it, to take your pulse while listening to different pieces of music? When absorbed in something stirring, the pulse often quickens; it slows to gentler strains. Clearly, what we take in through our senses has a major affect on our metabolism and, should we prolong adverse effects, there is bound to be some kind of repercussion on our overall health. And what has an effect on our health, also has an effect on our thoughts, which, in turn affect the world in which we live, I think.

Like music, the power of words is immense. How often do we use throw away terms, "I'd give an arm and a leg for...", "It makes me sick that..." "Will be the death of me..." hardly aware of what we are saying? There is an amazing example of the power of words in the work of Mr. Emoto:

In the Bible it says, "By your words you will be acquitted and by your words you will be condemned," and the term The Word is of enormous significance. What we take in, and what give out, has, I think, far more importance than we realize. For this reason, I wish that rather than, for example, putting patronising pictures of dead bodies on cigarette packets or "Drink Sensibly!" warnings on bottles of wine, we would create a far healthier society by being aware of what we take in, listen to, look at, and take in every day. For this reason, too, I believe that rather than churning out so-called art and literature in pickled fish, half-cows and other ugly things, or endless strings of expletives, which are supposed to create 'realism', we could look at loveliness and listen to beauty and use beautiful language and supportive, powerful, life-enhancing words.

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