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Sunday, 11 January 2009

The World of the Heart and Imagination

"There are two worlds:" wrote Leigh Hunt, "the world we can measure with line and rule, and the world that we can feel with our hearts and imagination."
History, unfortunately, is dominated by only the sense of the former. That which cannot be measured or proved has so often been denied, mocked or even condemned as foolishness or madness. And where has that brought us to? A world where countries are marked in boundaries and millions have died to protect those boundaries; a world where we see only what is on the surface and seldom look into things to see their real essence; a world where we measure a person's worth by the size of their bank account or what they do for a living.
The world of the heart and imagination has for too long been seen as childish and irrelevant. To some extent, one might say that the masculine thinking of the patriarchal era is the world of rationality; the world of reason and measurement by line and rule. The feminine aspect of all of us (men and women) is that which understands through intuition, through the unseen, through the worlds within worlds...the heart and imagination. The denial of this aspect, and the suppression of dreamers and of women through the ages has led to a great imbalance in Nature.
In the heart and imagination, I believe utterly in the spirits of trees and lakes, in the presence of the Divine in all that exists. Reason tells me to balance this with everyday living, with the need to learn and to study and to go on learning and studying form and measurement - weighing up historical events, weighing up present day ethical and political arguments. One need not deny the other.
Still, there are rational minds that would say it is madness to believe we can communicate with plants and trees and the essence of the One Life in all creation; utter lunacy to believe in fairies or spirits of things. The other evening I watched the final episode of the wonderful BBC dramatisation of Anne Frank's Diary. At the end, as the writing came up to say what had happened to each member of the family, the sheer madness of that mass murder was quite overwhelming.
Which is more insane? To believe in what we know to be true in our hearts and imaginations, or to be rational and make rational arguments for wars and murder? I believe it is truly the time for intuition, for the heart and imagination and all the unseen that we sense in the core of our being to come to the fore. I think we have all had more than enough of that measured, solely 'mental' world, and it is truly the age for hearts to come into their own. We can return to the balance of how Nature is and all we are created to be by reclaiming our own identity and the courage to be free of outworn ideas, fighting other people's wars, following other people's scare-mongering, and simply knowing there is far more to all of us than meets the eye.

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